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Patient Reviews at Pashen Health

Read real stories and reviews from Pashen Health patients. Discover their experiences with our personalized care and how we’ve made a difference in their health and well-being.

Lesley wrona

Dr. Ashe is a 10/10. Her office is a clean and welcoming place. I highly recommend her! She is willing to talk about mental health, weight loss and any health issues. This is what a medical office should be like not rushed and just a number.

Jason Hunt

Tried immune boosting IV therapy for the first time last week and was very impressed! Felt immediate energy boost and have been feeling better ever since. Elisabeth is excellent, very knowledgeable and compassionate about what she does. Looking forward to going back in a couple weeks to try another!

Terence Burney

I met with Elisabeth in December to obtain assistance with weight loss. I also inquired about the weight loss shot listed on her website. She was very informative, kind and professional. As a result, I began to take the weight loss injection and have seen great progress. I’m very appreciative of her and the service she provided and would recommend anyone looking for medical care and/or weight loss treatment to her. You will be treated with care.

Nona Matar

Dr. Elizabeth Ashe is a very nice person. She explains everything to her patients and makes sure they have a knowledge of their medical conditions to stay healthy. Also, her clinic is very clean and neat. Best doctor I’ve ever been to!

Lavon Brown

I am super excited super excited to get started with Pashen Health! I could just cry tears of joy from the level of time and compassion she has for her patience. Elisabeth took the time to explain my blood work and what it meant and what is the next step I need to take for a healthy version of me, she has compassion for what she does and to help people reaching there goals for a healthy you. I have never, never gotten the quick service from a health care provider. I so looking forward to a healthy version of me! Elisabeth just help save me life! I highly recommend Pashen Health….

Ashley C

My experience so far has been very informative. Elisabeth is knowledgeable with her services, I appreciate that she advised me to get blood work before anything. I look forward to meeting my goal weight and living a better healthy lifestyle with her tools.

Michele Wilson

Absolutely love Elisabeth. Your personal health coach who takes your health concerns as her personal quest. Very through and affordable but most importantly the time she devotes to your concerns and health goals are above and beyond. So nice to know that if I have either a general question, concern or even an unexpected issue I will speak directly to her and most often be seen that very day if not hour. Thank you so much Elisabeth for you passion and devotion to our health being spot on and affordable.

Stacia Halton

I have been battling my weight for many years. I have consistently worked out and had a good diet. I called Pashen Health for a consultation and to my surprise spent over an hour on the phone with Elisabeth expressing all my concerns and struggles. She really took the time to get to know me and understand how I was feeling very defeated. Fast forward to 2 months later I have lost 24 lbs and couldn’t be happier. She has helped me create a way of life that I can sustain! She is always there to listen and help whenever needed. I am so glad I chose Pashen Health!

Jennifer gibson

I am so grateful to have found Dr. Ashe! She is a true God send and genuinely cares about her patients! I am absolutely impressed with this office, and feel absolutely relieved that there is a doctor out there that actually takes the time and effort with each and every one of her patients. For so long, I have not felt that way about my doctors that are taking care of me (or should I say not taking care of me). Thank you!!!!!

Aisha Neil

Wow where do I begin?! Elisabeth has been nothing but accommodating and TRULY cares about you and your health! For almost about a month now, I have started using Tirzapetide on my weightloss journey and have started seeing the results; which I’m elated about! Since day one, Elisabeth suggested that I do a full bloodwork panel and without her help; I wouldn’t have noticed a few underlying medical conditions. Any questions or concerns that I may have throughout my weight loss journey(whether big or small) she is ALWAYS there and does not hesitate to answer right away- which is very rare for a medical professional and at the same time amazing ! I would honestly recommend her to anyone who is completely serious,committed and READY to kickstart their weightloss journey. Thank you Elisabeth for everything you do and being extremely personable and caring during this process- And with that being said I without a doubt would rate her 5 stars & if you haven’t made an appointment yet with her- I would definitely call TODAY!

Kerri Golston (A Royal Kouture)

“Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest “Joshua 1:9
Sometimes the hardest thing in life is making the decision to move in the right direction. The bible is filled with so many promises and it gives us the clear path to getting these promises.
Proving His Sovereignty, God is ALWAYS with us, no matter where we go.
Some years ago, I heard the Spirit of the Lord tell me, “I can’t use you if you are not healthy”. My eating habits, weight, and exercise was not existence and out of control. This ignited something in me, so I began researching Health. I did change my habits; however, I would slip back to “dem” old ways. I tried the quick fixes too! Diet pills, Slim Fast, Intermit Fasting, and the likes.
This year thus far has been awesome. So many of God’s promises has manifested in my life, most importantly my health. Out of nowhere, just like God in his perfect timing Elisabeth steps. We met a few years ago on a family and friend cruise to Alaska. Little did I know how God was going to us our time together to fulfill his will.
So, NOW!!! The journey begins. I know this is God because I have never had a doctor’s consultation like Elisabeth FNP-BC. She checks your blood work and gives a deep analysis and explanation of your health. She TELLS THE TRUTH and gives HOPE. I thank God for the work she is doing and KNOW that she is walking in purpose for “such a time as this”.
I am EXCITED to walk through this process with Dr. Elizabeth assistance for “God is with me”.

Miss Coke

Updating my review after 1 year later: I still give 5 stars and would give more if I could. She’s helped me avoid several health complications. Very thorough, professional, knowledgeable, personable and compassionate. 100% satisfied.

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