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DPC for Small Businesses

Understanding Direct Primary Care for Small Businesses

Traditionally, most Americans have relied on their employers for health insurance. This system has been prevalent because larger groups often have better bargaining power with insurance providers compared to individuals. However, with the increasing challenges and limitations of many health insurance models, businesses are exploring alternative solutions.

Direct Primary Care stands out as a promising alternative. In the DPC model, patients become “members” of a specific clinic or a network of clinics. This membership offers them a comprehensive range of primary care services without any extra charges. For businesses, especially smaller ones that wish to avoid the complexities of insurance, offering DPC memberships can be an attractive health benefit for their employees.

Benefits Of Direct Primary Care (DPC) With Pashen Health

While direct primary care (DPC) offers numerous primary care benefits, it’s still advisable for members to maintain insurance coverage for specialized care and emergencies



At Pashen Health, for instance, membership fees encompass all consultations, calls, and sessions, ensuring cost savings for all DPC members.

consultant services


DPC clinics like Pashen Health prioritize extended patient-doctor interactions, ensuring detailed and empathetic care.

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The DPC model's efficient patient-doctor ratio ensures quicker and more convenient appointment scheduling.



DPC clinics often offer prescription drugs at discounted rates, benefiting members.

Why Small Businesses Should Consider Direct Primary Care

Health Advantages:

DPC promotes better health outcomes. Easy appointment scheduling and strong doctor-patient relationships often lead to early detection and management of health issues. This proactive approach ensures employees remain healthy, content, and productive.

Economic Benefits:

Traditional insurance models might increase premiums based on usage. However, with DPC, frequent office visits (which are beneficial for health) don’t negatively impact financials. Research indicates that prioritizing primary care can lead to significant savings in the long run by reducing expensive specialized treatments.

Minimize Healthcare Costs While Maintaining Your Budget

Many small businesses grapple with the challenge of providing healthcare benefits within tight financial constraints. Small businesses failing to do so may face the departure of seasoned professionals in search of better compensation and perks.

Here's How Pashen Health DPC Can Help Small Business Employers

Direct primary care memberships are recognized by the IRS to be utilized with a HRA or an FSA. Pairing a direct primary care membership with an HRA or FSA increases employee satisfaction while increasing access to healthcare and saving money for both the employer and employee.

-What is included in the membership –

Being prompt and insightful in our responses to clients is a quality that Pashen Health proudly upholds. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our clinic staff in the means you find most convenient.

Design a plan around healthcare instead of health insurance

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