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Easy online consultation with Pashen Health

If visiting our clinic isn’t feasible, Pashen Health ensures you don’t miss out on expert medical advice. Our online appointments are designed to connect you with our healthcare professionals swiftly, ensuring timely diagnosis and prescriptions.

Whether you’re on the move or simply not feeling up to a clinic visit, our virtual platform is here for you. Engage with our medical team from the comfort of your space, ensuring you get the same high-standard care you’d expect from an in-person visit, minus the commute or the need for childcare arrangements.

What Conditions we can treat

Virtual visits are also great for follow-up care such as laboratory and test results, prescription refills, and managing chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

With a virtual visit, we can treat a range of non-urgent illnesses and conditions in adults and young adults over age 18, including:

What's the Price Tag for Virtual Consultations?

Good news! If you’re a member of our healthcare practice, virtual consultations come at no extra charge.

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Pashen Health seamlessly integrates advanced medical practices with a genuine commitment to every patient’s well-being. Engage with our dedicated team and be part of a transformative health initiative. Your journey towards optimal health begins with us.

The Steps to Your Virtual Healthcare Experience

Book Your Online <br>Appointment

Book Your Online

Give us a ring at 813-602-0693 to set up your virtual consultation over the phone.
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Set Up Your <br>User Profile

Set Up Your
User Profile

You'll get an email from us that guides you through setting up your account on our patient portal.
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Keep an Eye <br>on Your Inbox

Keep an Eye
on Your Inbox

We'll send you an email containing a special link to access your upcoming telehealth session.
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Kick Off Your Virtual Consultation

Kick Off Your Virtual Consultation

Engage in a video conversation with your healthcare provider using your smartphone, tablet, or computer!
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Voices from Our Health Community

Hear directly from those who’ve journeyed with Pashen Health. Their stories reflect our dedication to exceptional care and the positive impact we’ve made in their lives. Join our growing community and be part of this health revolution.

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