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Direct Primary Care
(DPC for Individuals)

Wellness & Preventative

Live a secure life knowing that no impending illnesses endanger your well-being.

Are you a health-conscious individual who finds relief in knowing their health status? Pashen Health offers preventive care and recommended screenings to help our members from specific age groups determine any underlying conditions at their earliest stages. With our expertise, we incorporate integral factors, such as your age, gender, lifestyle, and family medical history to produce accurate outcomes for each member’s assessments. Allow us to optimize your longevity through the power of early disease detection and preventative health.

Our Wellness & Preventive Care program encompasses the following services:

*Initial annual physicals must be in-person to receive the most accurate and comprehensive assessment and care plan.

Chronic Illness

Gain unwavering support as you steadily overcome your chronic diagnosis.

Managing life with a chronic disease is never an easy feat, especially since these complex conditions require intricate care from health practitioners. But suppose you choose to apply for membership and entrust your health plans to Pashen Health; we promise to gear your progress to a favorable trajectory by providing constant health feedback and collaborations with your healthcare team. Our duty is to formulate clinical solutions that will diminish any risks of hospitalization, alleviate your pain or discomfort, and prevent the worsening of your condition.

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Pashen Health seamlessly integrates advanced medical practices with a genuine commitment to every patient’s well-being. Engage with our dedicated team and be part of a transformative health initiative. Your journey towards optimal health begins with us.

Acute Care

Receive expeditious remedies for the acute condition you’re enduring.

Our acute/urgent care service addresses various medical needs that are not emergent and can be addressed with same or next-day appointments. With our clinical expertise, Pashen Health strives to provide immediate medical relief to our patients experiencing non-life-threatening emergencies. Our clinic is the best alternative option for clients who prefer to seek treatment in a facility that isn’t the emergency room. Our acute care appointment includes assessment and RX, but additional fees may apply if imaging or labs are needed.

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